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Home Renovation Richmond Hill

When the beauty of your home begins to fade away, it takes with it the pride and joy you had when you first built it. Both the interior and exterior of your house start to wear out, and the attractiveness fades so quickly. However, there if hope-with proper renovation, everything can always come back to as good as new.

Our Services

That is why we always give you the best renovation services that you cannot find anywhere else in Richmond Hill. Our professionals are the best trained and most experienced when it comes to attic insulation, kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation, among other areas of Toronto condo renovation that you may need.

Attic Insulation

Air leaks can be very costly. That is why we are always ready to offer you attic insulation services at very affordable costs to eliminate unnecessary energy expenses. We have several attic insulation options for you. Depending on the design of your house and your preference, you can opt for Roll and Batt insulation, blown-in insulation, Rigid Foam insulation or even Foam-In-Place insulation. Whichever method you choose, we have well-trained experts who will always do it perfectly.

Kitchen Renovation

We acknowledge that your kitchen is the busiest of all the rooms in your house, meaning it is almost always the first to need renovation. Apart of what might have become worn out in your kitchen, it is also possible that you just want to give your kitchen a new look by repainting it and introducing new built-ins that conform with the present age. Whatever the reason for which you want to renovate your house, we are always here to give your kitchen an expert touch.

Condo Renovation Richmond Hill

Our professionals are good at every type of built-in that you may want, even if it is the newest design of a kitchen cabinet. We also have experts in all flooring options, and will give your kitchen a perfect floor of your choice. We have several durable options for you to choose from, including concrete, wooden, marble, granite tiles or even marble floors. Besides, our professionals will give you the best color for your kitchen based on the wall and adjacent rooms.

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom is another place that needs renovation more often than the other rooms in your house. Whether it needs a new floor or just repainting, we have the best people to do it precisely. We give you the perfect floor and wall tiles that will keep the inside of your bathroom as beautiful as you can ever want it to be. We also re-glaze the bathtubs and showers, and provide you with several marvelous bathroom mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

Handyman services

We offer the best handyman services without needing any supervision because we know that you have things to do with your time. We will fix all problems with your drainage system and do all your garden work, all at very affordable costs. Our company boasts of the best gutter cleaning and unclogging services. Clear every bush around your home to keep away all rodents and insects.

Because we value the aesthetic quality of your compound, we will trim your flowers with so much precision, while also filling any gaps in your flower garden and along the paths. We also beautify the entrance to your gate by planting flowers of your choice, clearing any nearby bushes and filling any trenches that may be around the gate area.

Exterior Renovation

We have interior and exterior design experts that will always come in handy when it comes to replenishing your garden with flowers and generally redesigning your home to look more beautiful and modern. Your gate may also need repainting, repair or even replacement, depending on its condition, or simply to upgrade it for security or aesthetic reasons. We have experts who will fix your gate using modern technology. Our tools are the best, including gate lifting machines that ensure the work is done faster and precisely. We also have provisions for remote controlled gates, access controls and modern gate operators.

Our fencing options are the best, whether you are putting up a new fence or repairing an existing one. So regardless of whether your fence is cedar or wire and pole, or the modern and more sophisticated types, we are always here to help with installation and repair.

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